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Christie Expands Drug Court in New Jersey

Drug Court has been a successful addition to the court system as it has treated non-violent offenders who suffer from drug additions throughout the state of New Jersey. The rates of recidivism for drug court graduates have proven to be minimal as compared to the rates for drug offenders. There is no doubt that drug court has changed many lives, but now it seems that Governor Christie is trying to expand this program in order to avoid increased incarceration for those who suffer from addition.

As part of drug court, a person has to complete the recommended drug treatment program, and then remain on probation for 5 years. The individual is highly monitored by the Drug Court Team including drug testing, proof of employment and weekly appearances in court. Even though Drug Court is a commitment and time consuming, often times it is a way to avoid incarceration. This year has been an exciting year as Governor Christie has showed tremendous dedication to expanding the program to many of those who otherwise could not get in prior.

In 2012, Governor Chris Christie has made monumental strides in trying to expand the Drug Court Program in New Jersey. This new program will provide for drug programs and treatment for those appropriate candidates, to be implemented over a five year time period.

The question will remain what are the effects of the Governor’s legislation. Currently, there are many restrictions on who can enter drug court as well as a lengthy application process and the Prosecutor has discretion in deciding whether or no they recommend an individual for the program. The legislation will not take effect immediately and it remains unknown how the County Prosecutor’s Offices will respond. It is important to have an experienced criminal lawyer who knows how to navigate through the application process, and get you into drug court if it is the appropriate resolution. Drug addition has devastating effects and Drug Court can be an opportunity to avoid incarceration as well as overcome one’s drug problems.

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