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Arrests for Selling Oxycodone throughout New Jersey

Oxycodone is a highly addictive painkiller in great demand, and it is leading to arrests throughout New Jersey. In addition, this demand brings in big business for those willing to sell the pills and run an illegal operation. The trickle down effect of course is that many people are getting arrested throughout Monmouth County and throughout New Jersey for use of these drugs. This is of course because many are addicted to these pills, and of course getting arrested as a result of their illegality. It is also common that juveniles are being arrested for use as well as distribution of oxycodone. Often times, the juveniles are good students with bright futures. In fact, it is more common, as will other illegal drugs, that that the users are being charged and convicted of use of perscription drugs rather that the big time dealers. Although recently we are seeing more arrests through New Jersey and areas close by for those running these drug operation schemes.

A Lickety Split ice cream truck was transformed into a place where residents could by oxycodone for 20 dollars a pill in Staten Island, NY. There were 31 people involved in keeping the truck “supplied.” The major players of the scheme, including an office manager at a Manhattan orthopedic surgeon’s office, recruited 28 “runners” to fill more that 300 fake prescriptions form a pad stolen from the surgeon’s office (it is reported that the doctor did not know about this scheme). This was a million dollar operation. Of course this is not the only oxycodone scheme in the news recently.

In March of 2011, Dr. Michael Durante of Montclair, NJ, an internal medicine specialist was accused of writing illegal prescriptions. The doctor was caught after he wrote false prescriptions to Federal Agents. There were 11 people arrested, including a retired Newark police officer, in relation to taking part in this scheme.

For more information on this see the following article: Staten Island Arrests, and

If you have been arrested for possession of prescription drugs is important that you are represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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