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Freehold Shoplifting at Mall- How a Disordering Persons could become a Felony

A 19 year old man from Morganville, New Jersey was accused of shoplifting three hats, valued at $102.02, from a store at the Freehold Mall located in Freehold, NJ. This amount of stolen goods would normally result with a disorderly persons charge that would likely be heard in Freehold Municipal Court. A disorderly persons offense holds up to a maximum of six months in jail, and up to a $1,000 in fines, and other court costs.

This is very common charge in Freehold as well as in Eatontown, NJ where Monmouth Mall is located. If the amount shoplifted is worth more than $200, then the accused would have been charged with a fourth degree shoplifting. If there is a third shoplifting conviction, the accused could face 90 days mandatory jail time. Hiring a New Jersey Criminal Defense attorney with experience in dealing with shoplifting is important no matter how time you have been charged.

During this incident at Freehold Mall when the accused was confronted by security, he punched the security official in the face and attempted to flee the scene. Eventually, the accused was arrested and regardless of the small amount of items shoplifted, this alleged act of assault could turn this disorderly persons charge into a serious felony offense of aggravated assault or even robbery. If someone is charged with a felony offense, the matter will be heard in Superior Court. If the incident occurs in either Monmouth Mall or Freehold Raceway Mall, then the Superior Court charge will be heard in Freehold at the Superior Court located on 71 Monument Park in Freehold. The accused could face third or even second degree charges depending on the injuries.

In this matter, the accused was also charged with giving false information to police. The man was later transferred to Monmouth County Jail and held on a low bail.

Ms. Breslow has a tremendous amount of experience dealing with shoplifting offenses. Call her firm today and make sure your matter is handled the right way with the best result.

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