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The tragic rape and murder of 7-year-old Megan Kanka sparked outrage among New Jersey residents and prompted legislative action among New Jersey lawmakers. Megan’s killer was a convicted sex offender who lived in her neighborhood, unbeknownst to her parents. The circumstances of the case compelled New Jersey legislators to pass Megan’s Law on October 31, 1994. This landmark legislation, also referred to as the New Jersey Sex Offenders Act, requires those convicted of certain sex crimes to register with the state, provide certain personal information, and undergo long-term parole supervision. However, if the individual meets specific criteria, he or she can apply for removal from Megan’s Law after 15 years. Attorney Tara Breslow has successfully filed motions and argued for removal from Megan’s Law on behalf of countless clients across the state of New Jersey. Contact her today to discuss your case and receive a free consultation. You can also read on to learn more about New Jersey’s Megan’s Law removal policy.

Are You Eligible for Removal from Megan’s Law?

There are several circumstances under which you may be allowed to file a motion for Megan’s Law removal in New Jersey. First and foremost, you must not have been convicted of any of the sex crimes considered most serious under the New Jersey Criminal Code. Specifically, those convicted of aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault involving physical force or coercion, or those convicted of more than one sexual offense, are ineligible for Megan’s Law removal.

Under Megan’s Law, there are three specific tier classifications, ranging from 1 through 3 and increasing in severity, with 1 being the lowest risk and 3 being the highest. The factors considered while making these determinations include: the nature of the offense, the likelihood of re-offense, and the potential for responsiveness to treatment. Typically, offenders who are classified as tier 3 are ineligible for Megan’s Law removal and are subject to lifelong community supervision.

If you are currently positioned on Tier 1 or Tier 2, 15 years has elapsed since your conviction or release from a correctional facility (whichever is later), and you have not committed another offense since your previous conviction, you may be eligible for removal from Megan’s Law. In addition, if you were younger than 14 years of age when you were adjudicated delinquent of a sexual offense, an experienced Megan’s Law attorney can argue for your removal from Megan’s Law when you reach the age of 18.

How Removal From Megan’s Law Can Change Your Life

As you may know all too well, being registered as a sex offender can severely inhibit your opportunities for employment, damage your reputation, destroy your current relationships, and hinder your ability to develop new connections. Since 2001, when New Jersey passed additional legislation to implement the Megan’s Law sex offender Internet registry, your Megan’s Law status is just a few short clicks away. By achieving removal from Megan’s Law, your life immediately opens to additional possibilities.

How Tara Breslow Can Help

Ms. Breslow has had great success fighting on behalf of clients who seek to be removed from Megan’s Law. When she takes your case, she invests the time necessary to thoroughly understand your unique situation, the circumstances in your life that may have contributed to your decision-making at the time of your offense, and the ways in which you have transformed your life since then. She understands that drugs or alcohol, emotional issues, and problems in your personal life may have influenced you in the past. And she knows more importantly, that your past should not define your future.

Ms. Breslow will have a doctor conduct a clinical evaluation of you now, to assess your current emotional health, the likelihood of re-offense, and the potential that you in any way pose a threat to the community. She will utilize the results of this evaluation, as well as an extensive brief, to construct the most compelling case on your behalf. To speak with Ms. Breslow about your potential application for Megan’s Law Removal in New Jersey, contact her Monmouth County offices at 732.963.0742. Your initial consultation is always free of charge.

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