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Ocean Township Arrest for Underage Drinking- Monmouth University

If you are student at Monmouth University, and under the legal drinking age, and you are caught drinking it can lead to tremendous problems. It is common that the police will charge you with a borough ordinance at a minimum. This will stay on your record for two years until it is eligible for expungement. It is important to have an experienced criminal defense attorney come to court so that the matter is handled properly and handle the expungement if necessary (even for the arrest).

An incident of underage drinking can lead to an appearance in municipal court and possibly having your name in the newspaper. In addition, Monmouth University can suspend students if they violate any aspect of the code of conduct (after a hearing before the board).

Fifteen people were arrested in Ocean Township for underage drinking. One of the individuals was underage and his name was then in the paper. This is something that is common in the area of Long Branch, Ocean Township and West Long Branch where many students live off campus.

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Ms. Breslow has helped represent many students who have been charged with these type of related offenses.

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