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Summertime at the Jersey Shore conjures images of sun and sand, parties and events–the moments that memories are made of. Every year, the summer months mean scores of visitors descending upon beach towns to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the many activities that the Jersey Shore offers. However, this time of year also entails a very different reality, as the increase in population brings an associated increase in crime, arrests, and law enforcement activities.

Consider this: the 22 coastal towns in New Jersey are home to approximately 440,000 residents. In the midst of summer, the population at the Jersey Shore can swell to over 900,000. With this dramatic increase in population, there is also an increase in crime, the majority of which involves relatively low-level criminal offenses and municipal ordinance violations, according to Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.

As parties and people grow, arrests involving drugs, alcohol, and theft rise as well. In order to adequately patrol and enforce the law in Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, and Cape May counties, police departments in these areas hire seasonal officers to accommodate the ramp-up in law enforcement activities. Generally, this results in frequent arrests for drug crimes such as marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia; alcohol-related crimes such as disorderly conduct, underage drinking, and DWI; and minor theft crimes such as petty theft and shoplifting.

Although the vast majority of arrests and charges during the summer months involve offenses such as those listed above, there are notable exceptions, including the large-scale narcotics operation that resulted in a significant drug bust in Seaside Heights last year. In this case, an ongoing investigation culminated in the seizure of 15 grams of raw heroin, 275 individual decks of packaged heroin, cocaine, and drug packaging materials.

If you find yourself arrested for a disorderly persons offense or an indictable crime at the Jersey Shore this summer, it is critical to have an experienced legal counselor on your side. Criminal defense attorney Tara Breslow has been defending clients in Municipal and Superior courts across Monmouth and Ocean counties for the last 10 years, accumulating countless successes and satisfied clients along the way. To discuss your case, contact her offices today for a cost-free consultation.

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